On Triple Beam Pizza Slideshows for Urban Daddy and Living In Highland Park

I've lived in on the north Figueroa side of Highland Park for six years and it has been crazy to witness the speed of development on Figueroa Street. I remember walking my dog every late night and seeing every other building boarded up and the street being silent with the life of the street being centered around La Cuevita and The Greyhound. 

That didn't last very long. 

February of 2018 was the last month that Highland Park stopped being only "white on weekends." I can attest to this because I've walked the street every single day and there is arguing the fact that a lot of the new establishments seem to attract a certain kind of demographic.

But I digress! This is a complex issue to talk about that deserves its own feature, so more on all of this soon.

I swear I was just trying to make an intro for my slideshow of Triple Beam Pizza that I was hired to do by the badass Hadley Tomicki of Urban Daddy LA. Anyways, here is the link to the actual slideshow on the site. And some of my photos that I snapped. 

To answer everyone's burning question...the pizza is great. I appreciate the high-quality ingredients and don't mind paying extra for those kinds of things. That being said, we don't eat too much pizza around here. But when we do, sure! We'll walk over. The neighborhood loves it though, so there is that. 


HLP_wine_back - 1.jpg
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triple_beam - 1.jpg
triple_beam_slices - 1.jpg
triple_beam_pizzas - 1.jpg
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