My Letter to the Editor of LA Weekly Regarding Their Review of Tintorera


I was disappointed to read the review of Tintorera written by Karen Palmer. As a Mexican-American LA native who has contributed dozens of stories to your publication and fan of your food coverage, I was disheartened to see that you published a review written by a New Yorker about a coastal, modern Mexican restaurant.

It was very evident that Ms. Palmer did not have any experience with coastal Mexican cuisine and the bright, strong, assertive flavors that are considered traditional in that regional style. Not only because she partially admitted it in the story but also through the rest of her prose. I have no doubt that Ms. Palmer is an excellent writer but there was clearly a lack of good judgment in publishing her story in the city with the largest Mexican population outside of Mexico City and the hotbed of modern Mexican cuisine in the US (such as Besha so gracefully wrote about in the past).

I hope that in the future, you think critically about your decision to publish such type of reviews by “guest critics” who don't have much experience in the cuisine they are writing about out of respect for not only the people who live and breathe that cuisine they are critiquing, but also out of respect to all of the other LA-native food writers who actually have experience with such cuisines. 


Javier Cabral